thoughts outloud.

i am floating around ideas for a focused project–a single piece or collection of smaller pieces with which i will edit edit edit into a super polished product.  i am playing with the focus on introverts as superheros, maybe webbing into the prose interviews with self-identified introverts. stories of bold and courageous cashiers, of sweet and impenetrable baristas, of never-say- yes-to-no, counter-intelligent servers. each one of these individuals see, serve, and mingle with the masses each day in and each night out. oceans of character, stories, attitudes, expectations and long-winded needs. i want to spotlight these folks by allowing their own light to shine. most people lose how special those moments can be and how much a person truly must give of themselves. i am so not sure of the best form choice;maybe i should be less concerned about it anyway and just start writing and see what comes to form on paper.

i am currently reading The Vegetarian, by Han Kang, translated from Korean by Deborah Smith. it was originally three vignettes, now composed into a novel and translated into English. i just finished the first part titled The Vegetarian. i am impressed by the ending scene: so vivid and fresh in complexities. the building of the character to the end moment is brilliant. it is motivating me to expand upon my own ideas and question what views are constantly shaping my thoughts.  I am taking more time to think about who these people are and what motivates any person in life. what holds the balance between people and earth, and which story is told between the two?



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writer. poet. student. listener. kinkster. queerdo. hippy dippy witchy woo.
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