too busy kissing to breathe. strangers reminding us to, leaning too far in to whisper so into our ears. one two three, chuckle and continue on. thrashing into your mouth. soaking in your saliva and wrestling down your tongue. clutching anything that falls into my hands. “i’ve always wanted to be stripped down button by button in a bar” you said. we chose the dance floor and staying liquored up under flashing light lost. liquor chose you, chose me too. neither one of us eachother’s happy, nor preferred choice; fillers from moment to moment. we both fucked then talked and parted ways. and parted still. even newer now. a palm kissed goodbye into a flawless fade.



About jjj

writer and poet. student and queer, they/them pronouns. 26 and learning. living in southern Oregon, with their partner and two dogs.
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