meanwhile in the nanowrimoverse:

wise words of advice tonight gifted to this newcomer,”you can not edit what isn’t there. just write it out and let it suck.” let it suck, let it suck. sing this praising high and low, let it suck.

i have been self-sabotaging my project all this time by own devices. my own voices in my head. all of my own words and worries and what ifs piling up and building a wall of self-loathing between me and my writing goals.

so. i just fucking need to write. i need to write. i need to write the words to have some words to have words to look at and to rework and make pretty. i need to write words. writing words i think of for me and maybe for other people to look at. i just need to write. so thanks.

thank you community of writers who exclaim every first draft sucks (internationally known fact). thank you quiet scribblers stating all writers never start with what they will end with. Thank you all of the story tellers telling me to keep writing because it is what i love. thank you to all of the writers who teach other writers it is okay to be a writer. to be this special little creature. thank you nanowrimo2016 for pulling me out and getting me to take writing seriously. really, to take myself seriously.


About wordverserune

writer. poet. student. listener. kinkster. queerdo. hippy dippy witchy woo.
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