nanowrimo day one: 1,997 words

first day done. and only twenty-nine more days until the  finish line. i have a writers plan: work on each individual story for a total of six days with a goal of 1700 words a day. so far breaking up my writing sprints of 20 minutes a piece through out my day with short breaks in between is working/feeling great. word sprints make me commit to keep my mind flowing and stay present in the moment of the story. i am using the word sprint timer on the nanowrimo website. you can decide how much time to put on the timer, and the website has a fun ending alarm. during my word sprints i play ambient noise recordings from two websites suggested to me from other writers ( and it has really focused my mind: something inside me shuts out the personal stuff i what to run miles and miles around and just writes.

i have completely abandoned editing and it feels awesome. so much stress is now gone from this entire process. i am committed to not looking back on what i have written each day or edit any piece of the material. this is tricky but i am not turning back the pages of my notebook. i total it and move on. if i dont, i might stay in one place for a really, really, really long time. so i murdered my inner editor this morning before coffee; now i have a ghost peaking over my shoulder mouthing silence about my writing i can not hear. this makes me smile. moreover, i have decided that i need not to stress about all my other writing mistakes such as any and all repetition of thought and my point of view constantly changing. so what? so fucking what? all the fixing comes later, and all the perfectionism too. i am so proudly letting it suck and i feel so fucking great. right now i am being sloppy and raw, unorganized and real, messy and dead intent. i am letting it suck. and i am writing it all down.

did i mention that i am hand-writing all of my stories during the month of november? there is a connection between pen and paper i do not feel on computer keys. creative rushes, ink scribbling across paper, the drag and friction. sounds of bliss.



About wordverserune

writer. poet. student. listener. kinkster. queerdo. hippy dippy witchy woo.
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