nanowrimo day two: 1,464 words

a little under my daily goal today of 1,700 words; i am on pace overall with my day one cushion. i sat down for only two sessions of word sprinting, which was mostly because i spent the majority of my time today with my partner. so over due and so so worth it.

the first story i am focusing on is coming along well. i am writing it out of chronological order; writing each scene/piece as it pulls me too. in the middle of a word sprint, the scene morphed into something completely different than first planned. that has never happened to me personally before, even though i have heard other writers discussing it. kinda cool and a little eye-opening. my story is breathing in time with me. i worked on a different short, i have still yet to plot. oops. i am struggling with how to convey my message i want this story to tell. i want to figure out exactly what or how i am going to structure this piece before i spend six days fast-drafting. it is pretty safe to say i will be saving this particular short for the last set of six days.



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writer. poet. student. listener. kinkster. queerdo. hippy dippy witchy woo.
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