nanowrimo day four: 666 words

upside of day four an epiphany, dead center in a conversation with my younger sibling, and i have to find my pen and notebook. i jumped up, let out a short scream of urgency, and started leaping and shuffling around useless items on the table searching for my tools. being i have nanowrimo on the brain, my siblings words answered a question that has been wrecking my brain for days concerning one of my shorts. the idea last night failed in comparison to this small unassuming conversation; last night a found a piece to a puzzle, today for the first time i looked at the complete picture on the box. mind blown apart and immediately i fall into my writing zone.

ambient noise music playing. different color pens for thought bursts. notebook full of space for my brain to fly with fun. and it felt electric. i found the bond between the characters in my story–what ties them all together making the space in which they meet, the center focus for the short, meaningful and impactful to the reader. yes yes yes, i now have a crafted idea to mold and craft and then i can fast draft in six days. now: to plot out the storyline, build each individual character, and brainstorm/match up the different scenarios of meetings. after nano, fill in all the blanks.

downside is i did not make my word goal of 1,700 words today. work and life yah know. plus i decided to change the entire ending of the current short i am working on. as i sat to write the resolution as per my plotted outline, the entire story pulled me into a different direction. the character spoke up, and told me the tale. the coolest ever. i felt immediately closer to the storyline, and had a greater understanding of the main character’s motivation. even cooler.

so tomorrow, i am holding myself accountable to make up for the extra words (1,034 to be precise). being tomorrow is a double up day, the idea being to double your current word count in a single day–sheer madness– i am in a good position to sprint and do just that. crossing my fingers.


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