nanowrimo day ten: check in

i hit a bump in the road. a few kind big ones: i spent a day in shock/panic over an ongoing life character builder and i tapped out for the day, and donald trump was elected president of the country i live in. oh. and yesterday i participated in a group healing session with my soul family. a four hour long intimate, open and sacred, spiritual uplifting and healing event. so blessed for my soul family, i am sound walking this healing path in their light. thus, my word count is at 11,630.

so. refocused and rejuvenated. i am back in the nanowrimo 2016 with three days left, including today,  to continue to work on waking up this time. i am going to work on making up the missed days of writing as i go along. and i am needing to embrace let it suck all over again during this second week of nano. unfortunately if you’re wondering, yes the ghost of my inner editor rose from the grave over these past days away. but i am deciding to take twinkle toes the berserker’s advice: i am sending my inner editor to italy on vacation, demanding they scout landscapes for future collections until december. in december is when i will need them for an entirely different project and feat. so, i ask, leave me here alone with my notebook and notes, to gush all my ideas onto paper. let us start the madness.


About wordverserune

writer. poet. student. listener. kinkster. queerdo. hippy dippy witchy woo.
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