so. january second:

i am alive. breathing. and doing good. and being who i am in each moment as it comes.

i won nanowrimo 2016. yes, this newbie did it. three completed short story first drafts, and 20,000 words towards my first novel. 50,079 in thirty days finishing at 8:26pm on november 30th. i did not keep to the plan i set out for myself, but i did keep myself to the 50,000 word goal for the month as a whole. and that feels righteous. i have my winner’s shirt, and my two composition books full of my words. and completing nanowrimo this past year (yes this past year and that means nanowrimo is ahead of me…) solidified my need to be a writer. be in the world of writing. i have never felt more sure of a decision other than the decision to marry my partner. i am in the process of applying to SOU. college here i come again, this time i am ready.

i am officially forty days sober. clear and focused. my decision not to drink is utterly changing my universe… my connection and intention…my breath. i feel joyous and i want to work to keep it that way.

nanowrimo pushed me far past what i thought i was capable of so i took a month off from writing. december was bittersweet. and now i am back to the work. so i am back to the blog. hopefully each day. more likely a few times a week. but definitely more.



About wordverserune

writer. poet. student. listener. kinkster. queerdo. hippy dippy witchy woo.
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