january 6th

very little has happened in writing since last. i am slowly working on my short essays for my SOU application. my perfection bug has creeped back into my life, and is preventing me from diving head first into each subject. where did my feverish need to write all my thoughts down go from nanowrimo? i definitely need to check into the now what months set-up on the nano website… maybe i will find some resources to get back into the groove.

i am reconnecting with people in my life, from years past. i am practicing focused intention on my healing, both spiritually and mentally. my family is surviving and staying strong. my job is keeping my bills paid. i am so close to all i have asked for… dreamed of.

breathe in peace. exhale out only love.cropped-dsc07315.jpg


About wordverserune

writer. poet. student. listener. kinkster. queerdo. hippy dippy witchy woo.
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