january 26th

hello hi hello again. guess who came down with a cold, for almost two weeks? me. and it was only yesterday i felt better. well capable of anything other than sitting in my living room chair watching grotesque amounts of television. however, while chair stricken, i did come up with some writing goals:

1: edit and complete second drafts of my nanowrimo 2016 short stories by the end of march of this year. the goal was to do one story a month starting this month–but with my few weeks being sick i have decided to push the deadline back one month. changing the deadline date to the end of april will allow for the time needed to focus on each piece. my goal is to create second drafts that flow and are fully realized, both in character and world environment. the current state of my stories is chronologically out of order because i wrote them by hand during nanowrimo. plus the stories need some revising/building of characters, in order to erase plot holes. of course second drafts are not the end of the editing road, but i do want to work weekly towards getting out  solid second drafts to work on with other students writers at SOU in the spring (fingers crossed and intentions made.)

2: read 12 books this year minimum; 24 books ideally. i realized after nanowrimo how much i had stopped reading during my day. i continued to read before bed, but i used to read for hours of the day; i would be lost in a good story. being a great writer involves being a great reader, and i need to buff up my reading skills. plus i know it will open my writing style to new ways and words. i have read a book this month (Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, Gregory Maguire) so i am on track, which feels rewarding. i am onto my second book of the year: Son of a Witch, Gregory Maguire.

3: rework the plot line and rebuild the characters for Remember Me. during nanowrimo my fourth short story turned into a baseline for a dark fantasy novel series (who would have guessed.) i have spent some time away from the story and the characters, so i feel my brain is fresh and ready to do the work of expansion. the world is right in front of me i only have to focus on it and do it justice. there is so much within the characters and environment i only have to listen. attaching  a timeline for this is hard for some reason or another… it is an ongoing project,of this i am certain. generally and ideally speaking i want to have: a revamped plotline, full character profiles, outlines for book two and three, as well as a solid rewrite/edit of my 20,000 words written during nanowrimo 2016 by the end of July. This gives me six months to have a more polished beginning of my first novel, better yet a more concrete understanding of my book series/greater awareness of the connections between all my characters.

4: write the additional 30,000 of Remember Me starting in august through october. my goal would be to write good words, words worth writing towards my book, for these three months before nanowrimo 2017. the breakdown would be 10,000 a month, or about 327 words a day. working on the book and writing in a daily or nightly routine, will prepare me to jump right into november writing hell. and most likely keep me moving towards the second book in my series.

5: participate in nanowrimo 2017. yes i want to do it again. nano is something i have never experienced before, and the rush of writing 50,000 in a month is an intense high. i think it will be good to reboot myself creatively, and let go editorially since the major of my writing year will be spent editing/reworking drafts of work (and most likely university work too.) it is an opportunity to grow and expand as a writer and push myself to new places. my goal is to first draft the second book in my series, currently untitled.

6: create a collection of poetry and create narration films to accompany them; then make this collection public via youtube, wordpress, and sending out the collection to magazines and contests for publishing possibilities. i want to create, and i want to have something i can share. something i can hold, and say: i did this. i want to work on the videos/writing/organizing of the collection after i finish the second drafts of my nanowrimo 2016 short stories (may, june, july.) having a new creative process to step away from an old one will be the refresher i need in spring. plus there will be plenty of activities and adventures to inspire a newly created collection.

7: continue my black out poetry collection into 2017. i started the collection in november 2016 as a break from nanowrimo writing, and i have fallen in love again with poetry. my goal is to write 15 poems a month until the end of the year or my composition book is full, whichever comes first. so far i have written about 4 poems this month for january… so hopefully i can catch up in february or maybe i will have a hard core poetry write out during one of the final days of january. regardless, i do want to continue with the project through the end of the year.





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