working on the work.

wild child needs the following work

i need to do a complete overhaul of the point of view. i have decided to write it in first person point of view, and about 80% is written in third person from nanowrimo (including my first day second-drafting, oops.) this will take a lot of time, but i think writing it from first person will be more powerful and give me room to use more emotional memories. however, i am kinda confused on what tense to use: present or past. how does one decide really… just start to write it? oh my. so. more research is obviously needed about tense translations (?) but will do.

i need to create character profiles. repeat with me again: i need to create character profiles for each character in the story. simply because this is based in my real life experience does not take away from the fact of JR being a character; a representation of childhood creative genderless living in an abusive environment. i want the parents in my story to be their own thinkers, and not write them to be and do just as my mom and dad.  building the abuser in my story is the most challenging part of second-drafting. i have conflicted emotions of how to represent this character–honestly. in order to fully realize my characters i need to give them time to talk to me… talk about their world and its needs. i must listen before committing more words to the story.

i need to decide on an ending. i currently have a seven point plot line, that ends in three different ways. i believe if i go back to the seven point plot line and give it some room to breathe the right choice will present itself. or i could go with the original ending, which seals the deal of a tragic tale, and say to hell with the cliffhanger. but the cliffhanger ending is a kinda seductive way to leave a tragedy…to the imaginations of the reader. i could give the hopeful reader a joyous end. um. so: what kind of writer do i need to be with this piece or maybe better yet, what kind of ending does JR need?

i need to finish a second draft of wild child by the end of february. i want to keep to this hard deadline because then, with its completion, i will have a second draft! and be one step closer to a finished product. i could possibly include this story or excerpts from it in my upcoming writing portfolio for university too.



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