secondary application for SOU

i am thankful i called SOU today, and was directed from admissions to the center for the arts. i spoke to a woman in the creative writing department who informed me i needed to complete the secondary application for admission into the BFA creative writing program. i thought i submitted a portfolio, when in reality it is an entire application of three writing samples and an unofficial transcript if transferring… by march 1st.

now i am at a lost for what “three writing samples” means… really, what does it mean? can i submit only three poems, or can i submit three separate collections of poetry? do i submit three short stories, or three excerpts from essays or short stories? the woman said to submit work that showed my breadth as a writer… but i want to attend university to expand my skills as a writer, so right now not so much to show. i am a little frightened, but she did kinda insinuate that i would be accepted… still of course i am riddled with anxiety.

i am thankful my writing goal of the month is to complete wild child, for i will surely be including an excerpt if not the work in progress draft in my portfolio. i do not think i will have waking up this time even close to a second organized draft by the time i need to submit the secondary application. which is a bummer… but maybe i can dedicate a day or two on one scene and include it. time will tell.


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writer. poet. student. listener. kinkster. queerdo. hippy dippy witchy woo.
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