writing updates + goals of the day

i have started a photo folder for my dark fantasy series, book one: remember me. the photos i stumbled upon online instantly inspired me for the world building aspects of remember me and i was compelled to create a new folder. honestly, i kinda immediately and unexpectedly understood why every writer before me insisted on collecting photos, essays, and information as you outline/first draft. i was staring at the eerily welcoming land i was looking at for months in my mind’s eye. there it was in this world, in snapshots… writers orgasm. to say the least, i will be spending some of my writing time today surfing the web or maybe pinterest, for more.

i have first impressions for every character in wild child. and some still need to be flesh ed out, but i have time. there are a total of seven characters, three main characters of whom one is the central character and viewpoint. three supportive characters, who interact, impact, and further junior’s journey (central character.) and one appearance character. in my first impressions brainstorming/free write i discovered new aspects, traits, and qualities in my characters i did not see before in november 2016. i believe continuing with expanding the character profiles, i will further deepen my characters–elevating my plotline to a higher level of emotional authenticity.

i have revamped and fleshed out the seven point plot line for wild child. and it flows! *happy writers booty shaking*. AND i have all my scenes planned out! i am excited and proud about the progress i have made because this short story is beginning to feel fully realized. during this part of the process i really feel like “a writer.” now the dirty work comes of working on the text itself… bring on the second second draft.

my poet goal of the day is to write “on the spot” poetry. i have just created this… i want to stop on a spot where i see something i did not see before. that may be a fire hydrant or a dog or a sign or a feeling. but i want to pull words out from my environment and continue to push myself as a poet. inspiration does not have to strike, only a second glance. ooo, maybe i will titled the poetry series second glance.  i have a special notebook i have been spell casting in as of late and i believe it is the perfect vessel for such a task. wish me luck.


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writer. poet. student. listener. kinkster. queerdo. hippy dippy witchy woo.
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