SOU writing application predicaments

what do i submit? and ultimately does it matter? i can submit only three pieces.

i have decided to submit a mp3 audio file of a recording of my poem a stormy night. it is the first live recording ever, of any poem, i have ever written. and it is personally super special to me. i have had three people listen to the file and comment with positive feedback: writers and not self-identified writers alike. so yes, it goes into the application. you can find that poem here… it will be a good choice to convey my word/style choice of poetry.

i want to write poetry and study its history in time/culture/language. so i am ultimately thinking it will be a good decision to submit two poems. but which one for the second choice? do i submit a micro poem?  do i submit another full length poem? i am torn between my free prose or my blackout poetry. and then again distressed in choosing between new and old work. should the piece be polished and finished, or in the works to becoming its greatest form? i am having a tough time with this one.

i have decided for the third slot i want to include an excerpt from my short story wild child. the portion of the story submitted will be a rough piece. in its second drafting phase, it will not be perfect. and i need to be okay with sharing work that is not perfect. this will be a learning curve: so as ani has said baby watch me as i take this curve. i am going to work scene by scene until one speaks to me today and i am going to give it everything i got. i am sitting my ass in the chair and doing the work.

wish me luck. may this ride hold onto to me, and may i find my footing.


About wordverserune

writer. poet. student. listener. kinkster. queerdo. hippy dippy witchy woo.
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