decision time.

(this has set open for about forty-five minutes before i started typing…) i want to submit two poems and one excerpt from one of my nanowrimo short stories.

i had a small break through that released me from my internal writing distress. i do not have to have my short story completely finished in order to submit one piece of the whole. the whole can still be disorganized and a little foggy soggy second draft while i can diligently work on one scene from one or all shorts: until each is clear, precise, and displays my voice, style, and approach. i want to look over each story and pick one scene and beat it until it is dead.

i have narrowed down my selection to six poems. two are my own originals,and four are from my blackout collection. ideally i would do one and one, but it is hard to decide which is best to showcase my uniquely developed poetic voice. i am going to reach out to my friends and family for comments, suggestions, and critiques.

mission realized.



About wordverserune

writer. poet. student. listener. kinkster. queerdo. hippy dippy witchy woo.
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