not meeting writing goals: what is the next step back towards success?

for starters, the acknowledgement of the fact. i did not meet my writing goals for february: i still have yet to complete the second draft of wild child, even though i started drafting, and i wrote a total of three black out poems, falling way short of initial goal of fifteen.

secondly, admission of responsibility aka how the fuck that happened. first and foremost, i applied to SOU spending most days and most of my energy in february focused on the application process and all that encompasses. so, my brain power was diverted from daily work on my blackout poetry and short story editing to all the stress of applying to SOU. secondly, i never created a week by week schedule to accomplish my ultimate monthly goals. furthermore, i failed to consider big events happening during the month, and just how much time/energy they would consume. super ouch, but super true.

and now, how to get back on track? creating a plan: a real plan. starting on the thirteen of march i will work out and mark down a twenty minute block of time each day  to either focus on editing short stories, writing blackout poetry, or free writing prose/story ideas. i will start to think about how each day can build up to each week: twenty minutes each day on one part of the weekly goal. then each weekly goal will build to each accomplish each monthly goal. i have to remember steps and my nanowrimo lessons. in order to keep writing at my forefront i must be disciplined and focused each day. but i can begin again. always.


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writer. poet. student. listener. kinkster. queerdo. hippy dippy witchy woo.
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