a lesson learned:

when taking a studio writing class: log all of your hours as you go. do not wait until the end of the ten week term to type up each entry for every past week, because you will run the risk of driving yourself mad. and it take so much fucking time.

i have organized the past eight weeks, by what I worked on each week. now i have to transfer all of those handwritten projects, scribbled across three different notebooks, into a neat and chronologically typed entry log. next quarter i am doing this totally different. either i will  buy a specific notebook for my log entries to hand in at the end of the quarter or i will immediately start a word-processed log to keep short entries to flesh out at the end of the term.

but i have learned a lesson. i will grow.


About wordverserune

writer. poet. student. listener. kinkster. queerdo. hippy dippy witchy woo.
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