transforming space intention, aka

what this blog is becoming: a place for the writer and now student in myself to express the ride in its entirety; my artist nook of the internet. i will be publishing work here, i will writing about what it is like to write that shit. and the student will bitch and complain ever so often, because i am a Creative Writing major after all. everything is everything, as in the words of noname. on occasion: i will post my own photography, because i sometimes hold a camera in my hand.

what this blog is not: personal life blogging on shit about my personalness (im using it). i will stop posting what most define as “selfies,” personal self realization blogging, and other such life related pleasures and moments.

so in making this shift: this blog will slowly change in structure, tags, organization, and general content.

if you are here for my interest in stars and the universe, my face, general nudity, smoking medical cannabis, spirituality, bdsm and RACK culture, spanking, my messy emotional wreck of a life, or my queer bigender journey of light healing then you can follow my other blog here. it is adult orientated and 18+, NSFW. you have be told.

i am not exactly tech savvy so this change/adjust here will be slow. thanks.



About wordverserune

writer. poet. student. listener. kinkster. queerdo. hippy dippy witchy woo.
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