royce & royce


my father and my grandfather.

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my muse

eye through a lens. you in a one inch box.
captured time,
and again.
i took so many pictures of you.

so many faces of you.
when did i stop?

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at the

my teeth



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i will be back. ❤

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late night

i am usually in bed. asleep and dreaming of my next paper. tonight is different. i must stay awake for at least an hour and half and pump out this second draft for editing/polishing tomorrow morning before my essay is due in the afternoon.

my partner reminded me that the brain begins to consume itself after so many hours of lost sleep. and i responded with a laugh and “i will stay up only to eleven.” now i am thinking eleven thirty is best for an actual opportunity to put something nice together.

midnight at the latest.

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running out of steam for week nine and week ten. come back energy. i miss you enthusiasm.

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to my drinking partner

i grew ten times larger with each shot thrown back.
keeping up
with you
was fun.

those days were all about
those weekends
those weekdays.

nights of risk&chance
of courage&lit vulnerability
of hot experimenting&illusion
of trust&silent moments
boundaries not bound to place or time or word.
limits: N/A

the liquor. the bottles dropped around us. the look. the exchange. the cigarettes smoked and crushed. the blur. the shots and craft beers. your lips. our words. the restraint. the more shown. the breaking point. the loose fucking. divergence.

i am 188 days sober
wondering what day
you are on.


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